Privacy statement

Privacy statement

The purpose of this data protection declaration is to inform you, as a user of this website, about the nature, purpose, and use of personal data in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA). Your personal data is processed in accordance with the legal provisions. Personal data are all data that can be attributed to you personally, e.g., your name, address, e-mail addresses, user behaviour. In this data protection declaration, you will find information on the processing of your personal data when using the web pages.

1. Who is responsible for data protection ?

If you have access data (username and password) to use the website and if you connect with these data to school. iguaco. org to use the site, and you have received these access data from an institution based in the European Union, the institution responsible for processing your personal data during the use of the site and its sub-pages is in accordance with the data protection regulation, the department (hereinafter: “responsible department”) that provided you with your access data. If you have any further questions on this subject, please contact the person who provided you with your access data. In this usage configuration, Iguaco Learning LLC, Brückengasse 1 b, 78462 Constance – Germany is a subcontractor of the institution through which you received your access data, in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR.

If you correspond with us by e-mail via our e-mail address, the responsible body here is Iguaco Learning LLC, Brückengasse 1 b, 78462 Constance – Germany.

In all other cases, the controller of your personal data is :
Iguaco LLC
Flurstrasse 9
8302 Kloten

2. Contact by e-mail or via a contact form

If you contact us by e-mail or via a contact form, we store the data you provide (your e-mail address, if applicable your name and telephone number) to answer your questions. We in this context delete the data generated if the request is attributed to a contract, after the time limits relating to the duration of the contract, otherwise after the storage is no longer necessary, we also limit the processing if there are legal storage obligations.

3. Your rights

You have the following rights to request from the controller with respect to your personal data :

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data.

4. Third party services

If we use commissioned service providers for certain functions of our offer, we always carefully select and monitor these service providers and inform you in detail about the respective processes below. We also indicate the criteria set for the storage period.

We would like to point out that hosting service providers take over the hosting services for our web and e-mail servers, which are physically located in Switzerland and in Germany, by means of order processing. The purpose of this is to enable us, in the context of our overriding legitimate interest after weighing up the interests, to offer our websites and the possibility of communicating with us by e-mail. The data processed in the context of the use of our websites, including the possible use of forms on our pages – as described here in this declaration – and all data transmitted to us or by us in the course of the use of our e-mail addresses are then processed on the servers of our hosting service providers, insofar as nothing else deviating from the following explanations is carried out in individual cases or if other processing at third-party providers is separately indicated. The European Commission has decided that Switzerland ensures an adequate level of protection for personal data in accordance with Article 45 of the GDPR. Switzerland is therefore considered a safe third country and the transfer of data from the EU to Switzerland does not require any special authorisation.

5. Site visits

During the informative use of the two websites, i.e., the simple consultation, without you providing us with any other information, we process the personal data that your browser transmits to our servers. The data described below is technically necessary for us to display our websites to you and to ensure their stability and security, and we must therefore process it. The legal basis is Article 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1, letter f of the GDPR :

This data is temporarily stored in log files for up to 3 days on and for up to 30 days on in order to secure the technical operation.

If you use our website and its subpages in such a way that an institution in the European Union is responsible for data protection in accordance with point 1, your personal data will also be transferred to Switzerland. The European Commission has decided that Switzerland provides an adequate level of protection for personal data in accordance with Article 45 of the GDPR. Switzerland is therefore considered a safe third country and the transfer of data from the EU to Switzerland does not require any special authorization.

6. Other Services

In addition to the purely informative use of our website, we offer various services that you can use if you are interested, which are described in more detail below. To do so, you are usually required to provide additional personal data, we process such additional data and use them to provide the services concerned. The above-mentioned data processing principles apply to all the data processing purposes described above.

7. Performance of the contract and use of the e-learning platform

If you use the services of our e-learning platform as a contractual partner, we require the following data for the execution of the contract: your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number or the name and location of the institution. In addition, we process the personal data of the persons to whom you wish to grant access to the e-learning platform, i.e. the students and their teachers (“users”).

Access to the learning content and digital lessons on our platform is via a user account that we create for each user when they register on the platform. For this purpose, we store the following user data: first name, last name, and e-mail address. Registration for the user account is carried out with a freely chosen password and username. There is no obligation to use a clear name for registration, so that pseudonymous use is possible.

To exclude any misuse of the e-mail address, registration is carried out via the so-called double opt-in procedure: The user receives an e-mail containing a link to confirm the registration. The registration is only completed when the user activates the link by clicking on it.

Users (pupils) can process assignments, exercises, and examinations in their user account. The results are made available to other users (pupil’s teacher) in accordance with the contractual performance. Third parties do not have access to them. We keep the results for the duration of the contract, unless the user deletes them beforehand via the settings in his or her user account.

Insofar as we do not have separate consent, we only process the above-mentioned personal data for the purpose of carrying out pre-contractual measures or for the execution of the contract. The legal basis for this is Art. 6, paragraph 1, sentence 1 b of the GDPR.

The processing of data of users who are not at the same time our contractual partners (e.g., pupils) is carried out based on an order processing contract for our contractual partner. The legal basis is Art. 28 of the GDPR.

Once the contract has been fulfilled, the data will be deleted, insofar as there are no legal regulations against this, such as, for example, retention obligations under tax or commercial law, and you have not given us your explicit consent for further use.

8. Transmission of data to third parties

Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties in the following cases :

9. Data security

The websites are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. This encryption method is state-of-the-art and serves to protect your personal data from being accessed by third parties during transmission over the Internet. You can tell from the Internet address displayed in the browser whether the connection is secured by SSL: instead of “http://”, you will find “https://” in the case of an encrypted connection. Some browsers also display a small padlock image.

In addition, we take appropriate technical and organisational measures for the security of your data in order to protect it against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or unauthorised access. The security measures are continuously adapted to technical developments.

10. Processing of data from your terminals (“cookie policy”)

In addition to the above-mentioned data, we use technical tools for various functions when you use our websites, including cookies that may be stored on your terminal. When you open our website and at any time thereafter, you have the choice of generally allowing the installation of cookies or selecting the various additional functions. You can make changes in your browser settings or via our consent manager. Below we describe cookies from a technical point of view, before going into more detail about your individual choices by describing the cookies that are technically necessary and the cookies that you can voluntarily choose or not.

Cookies are text files or information contained in a database that are stored on your terminal and assigned to the browser you are using, so that certain information can be transmitted to the service that sets the cookie. Cookies cannot run programs or transmit viruses to your computer but serve primarily to make the Internet offer faster and more user-friendly. This website uses the following types of cookies, the function and legal basis of which are explained below :

The mandatory and technically necessary functions for the display of the website are as follows: The technical structure of the website requires us to use techniques, including cookies. Without these techniques, our web pages could not be displayed (completely correctly). These are basically temporary cookies that are deleted at the end of your visit to the website, at the latest when you close your browser. You cannot deactivate these cookies if you wish to use our website. The individual cookies are visible in the consent manager. The legal basis for this processing is Art. 6, para. 1, sentence 1, letter f of the GDPR.

Explanation of the optional cookies if you give your consent: We only install various cookies with your consent, which you can select on your first visit to our website via the so-called cookie consent tool. These functions are only activated if you give your consent and may, among other things, enable us to analyse and improve visits to our website, to make it easier for you to use via different browsers or terminals, to recognise you during a visit or to serve advertising (if necessary, also to direct advertising according to interests, to measure the effectiveness of advertisements or to display interest-oriented advertising). The legal basis for this processing is Article 6 (1) sentence 1 (a) of the GDPR, insofar as Iguaco GmbH is not the entity responsible for this use according to point 1 of this data protection declaration. The revocation of your consent is possible at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing until the revocation. We describe in more detail the functions that we use and that you can select and revoke individually via the consent manager.

11. Links

On our website, we place links to third-party websites. We are not responsible for these websites. The respective provider is responsible for the collection and processing of data on these websites. If you have any questions about data protection on third-party websites, please contact the provider.

12. Opposition to or revocation of the processing of your data

If you have given your consent to the processing of your data, you may revoke it at any time. Such revocation affects the lawfulness of the processing of your personal data after you have notified us. The lawfulness of the processing of your data up to the time of your revocation is not affected.

Insofar as we rely on the balancing of interests for the processing of your personal data, you can object to this processing. This is the case if the processing is not necessary for the performance of a contract with you, which we explain in the description of functions below. When exercising such an objection, we ask you to explain why we should not process your personal data in the way we do. If you object, we will review the situation and either cease or adjust the processing of the data or provide you with our compelling and legitimate reasons for continuing the processing.

You may of course object at any time to the processing of your personal data for advertising and data analysis purposes. The best way to express your objection to advertising is to send it to the department directly responsible as per point 1.

13. Provision of your personal data

The provision of your personal data is not a legal or contractual obligation. You are not obliged to provide us with personal data. If you enter a contract with us, certain personal data, such as your address, are necessary for the conclusion of the contract. If you do not provide us with this data, we will not be able to conclude the contract with you.

14. The existence of automated decision-making

We do not use automated decision making or profiling.

Last update: March 2022